Our Short Affair in Atlanta

We had family planning a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for a Yankees v Braves baseball game for the end of August, so we (my fiancé and I) went along to explore the city. Atlanta is only a five hour drive, but with this family, it is easily a day's drive. Once we got to our hotel, got changed out of our car trip attire and grabbed my camera, Justin (my fiancé) and I hit the streets towards the famous Georgia Aquarium. Earlier that week I was also assigned with a street photography assignment, so I knocked out two birds with one stone. After seeing everything we could at the aquarium, we got dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and continued on back to our hotel. On our way, we spotted the lit up ferris wheel like attraction, SkyView, and we could not pass up the chance to take a ride on it! While waiting in line, they had a flame throwing performance and even had a kiosk to by snacks and beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We were able to go around on the SkyView a few whole circuits, and that doesn't include the time we were riding and waiting for people to be loaded on and off. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, got in bed and watched the HGTV network until we fell asleep. The next morning was raining, so we did not stay long. It was a very short but fun night in Atlanta.


Kayli LaFonComment