Brittany + Philip's January Wedding

This year I have been so caught up with my own wedding planning and also house hunting(!) that I have not gotten around to sharing Brittany and Philip's wedding day! Brittany, Philip, my Fiance, and I went to high school together (maybe even middle school) but didn't hold ties past graduation. Soon, Brittany and I shared a class (or two?) at our University where we got to know each other better and she learned of my direction into photography. 

Their wedding was held at the Longhouse in Stokesdale, luckily on the warmest day of January. I had actually looked into this venue myself for our wedding, it has beautiful vaulted ceilings with plenty of light shining through the windows. And once it got dark, there were pretty bulbed lights hanging from the wooden beams. There was an upstairs space for both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to get ready in separately. Unfortunately, the power went out in the girls' dressing room mid prep (we concluded it was due to the numerous hair styling tools and a garment steamer in use) and we had to finish getting ready in the downstairs girls' bathroom. Brittany handled it like a champ, not complaining once about it, just took the issue head on and solved it. 

It's such a rewarding job to be brought back into the lives of those you went to high school with in such an intimate environment. I felt so honored to be present on their huge day and witness all of their happiness.