The Best of 2016

As I'm diving into 2017 as a full time photographer (so blessed,) I felt a huge desire to bring all of my personal favorite photos from 2016 together. In a sense, this is an ode to the past year and I am so grateful of how far I have come. I've learned to identify myself as a photographer, even though I held a nearly full time job at a restaurant. It's been hard to come to terms with having such a simple, no education needed job while pursuing the career I went to college for. Working at a restaurant often leaves you feeling belittled especially with a college degree and I am thankful for everyone who has complimented my work and my clients for believing in me this past year. You are the ones who have helped push me to be the best I can, even if you didn't realize it! 

Now for part you came here to see, here goes My Best of 2016!