Krista + Chad's Modern Revolution Mill Wedding | Greensboro Wedding Photographer

A modern happily ever after for a beautiful couple!

I cannot express how happy I am for this couple! Not surprisingly, I got pretty invested into these two's marriage. And I say that with a grain of salt in that I am ALWAYS invested in my bride and grooms, but we connected on a friendship level as well. Throughout the day I felt like I was watching my friends get married. Although I don't know their life stories or everything their relationship has taken them through, I do know where their love has brought them. Happily together. 

Revolution Mills Bride and Groom

A short engagement = Lots of time spent together in a quick couple months!

So, I feel like I should point out that they had a short engagement! And mind you, I didn't have a clue who they were beforehand. I only met Krista and Chad a few months ago when Krista reached out to me asking about wedding photography. Even though they were planning their wedding on a short time frame, they didn't skimp out on any of the engagement experiences!  During Krista and my's first meeting (also known as a consult,) she told me about their love for black and white photos and pinky promises. They already sounded so cute together and I hadn't even met Chad yet. We both left excited for their photos! I am pretty sure Krista and I saw each other every month leading up to their wedding (and they live in Charlotte!) 

You may have seen their engagement photos too (right here) which were also at Revolution Mills! After their engagement session went so amazingly well I was even MORE excited to photograph their wedding. I didn't even know that would be possible!

Revolution Mills Wedding 049.jpg
Revolution Mills Wedding 052.jpg

Oh, beautiful details.


And the first moment they see each other...

You can see the love and joy in their eyes. In this moment there is no doubt.

Krista and Chad were so excited about seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. Their love shows through the unwavering happiness they shared ALL day. First looks can be especially rewarding when it washes away the anxiousness and jitters! 
During their engagement session, we had found the PERFECT room for their first look but of course the room was locked on their wedding day! However, with a venue like Revolution Mills, there was no reason to fret and we instantly found another location. 


A unique ceremony for a special love.

Their ceremony blew me away with how special and personal it was! They had three different speakers lead them through the ceremony, including both of their fathers. It was the sweetest thing and could not be any more personal! 


Bubble send off at sunset!