Nate + Kate's Chilly Winter Wedding | Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on a sweet love!

Winter Wedding at UNCG in Greensboro

Maybe you saw their engagement photos back from last year, and maybe you didn't. But let me start by saying what a sweet person Kaitlin is! We both attended UNCG, but only ended up having 2 classes together. The first class was in our very first semester and the other in our very last semester. Let me tell you, those two classes couldn't be more different from each other! I didn't know very much about Nathan until we all met for their engagement session. In the short time of their engagement session and getting ready on their wedding day, he's a very easy person to warm up to. And they are both so easy going! 

I would like to also mention how SMOOTHLY their wedding day went! Not a thing went wrong, and every event was on time (often with time to spare.) Isn't that unheard of!? 

Yay for First Looks!

To save time and use up the sunlight as much as we could, Nathan and Kaitlin had a first look. (Which was my first time photographing one!) With it being the dead of winter, it gets dark out pretty early. With most ceremonies being in the late afternoon or early evening, by the time they get out there's either no light left or it's about to disappear. Having a first look is very beneficial for more than just the opportunity for intimate photos, but also to get a lot of the bridal party and group photos out of the way. There are so many more pros to a first look, so I would highly recommend looking up some articles on them to see if they're the right fit for your wedding!

This sweet couple had an equally sweet and fun bridal party!