How To Avoid Looking Awkward In Your Engagement & Wedding Photos

Don’t Fret! Here are some tips on how to avoid looking awkward in your engagement and wedding photos!

How To Avoid Looking Awkward In Your Engagement & Wedding Photos

* Although these can be universal tips, they majorly apply to my shooting style and my goal in every session (which is to show off your fun, madly in love selves!)

Take note, I am not about to tell you how to hold or position yourself in poses or even how to pose. That notion right there of posing perfectly, or being in the perfect pose, will automatically have you and your fiance(e) feeling stiff and honestly… lacking life. BLAH! No one wants that!

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SO, my first tip is to HAVE A FUN TIME! Much like I mentioned above, it is not about the poses. Do not worry about how your arm or hand is looking, or about smiling and laughing at the “wrong” moment. There is no such thing as a bad time to crack a smile or break out in laughter. Many times that is actually my goal! Just let the emotions and jokes run free.

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Do not worry about trying to stay still! I encourage my couples to always make sure they are touching, hugging, and embracing each other throughout the session. Make yourselves comfortable when you are in “poses,” give some nose nuzzles, arm rubs, neck rubs, and more kisses than you can count! We will also be doing a lot of moving around throughout the session to help us stay ‘loose’ and having fun.


My final tip is to make sure you are fully comfortable in whatever you wear! This can include getting your hair and makeup styled by a pro so you don’t have to worry about your own makeup skills failing you (it happens to all of us! Especially when we need it most, am I right!?)
PS. I have a number of talented hair and makeup artists up my sleeve AND guides to help you style your engagement session outfits! If you are looking for outfit inspiration, click HERE for my Pinterest board full of ideas!

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