Styling Tips To Look Your Best For Your Engagement Session!

You’ve got your Engagement Session coming up and you are SO PSYCHED for it… but what do you wear?

Here’s a copy of my Wardrobe Styling Tips For Your Engagement Session!

*This guide can be used for any couple’s session too!*

Your engagement session can fill you with excitement AND nerves. One of the biggest planning parts that tend to always make brides anxious is, “What do we wear!?” Well, girl, I am here to give you some tips to look your best in front of the camera!

Let’s start with some wardrobe “rules” and then go into outfit suggestions!

Rule Number One: No matter what you wear, make sure it is flattering on you and your body type AND that you feel 100% confident & comfortable in it!

Rule Number Two: When picking out both you and your fiance(e)’s outfits, try not to be too match-y. You want clothes that compliment each other, not replica’s of each other’s outfit. This first picture up top is an EXCELLENT example of complimenting each other with out being match-y.

Rule Number Three: Stay away from busy patterns and bright or neon colors. Reds can be great, but a bold/”true” red can reflect color onto other surfaces such as your faces or your fiance(e)’s outfit. Also, please stay away from tennis shoes for the entire shoot unless your pristine white converse shoes are your staple item.

Kassi&John 008.jpg

Ok, so what do we actually wear?

I always tell my couples to arrive to their session in their more formal outfit. The level of formal really depends on the location and your personal tastes! Usually a cute, flow-y dress or skirt is always going to look good! Your formal outfit does not mean your fiance has to dress all the way up, nice jeans or khakis and a nice shirt or sweater will do the trick!

KaylaJason 040.jpg
KaylaJason 041.jpg

After we snap some gorgeous and dramatic photos in their formal outfits, I have my clients change into the more casual (but still stylish) clothing they brought. You can go simple with this outfit or you can add layers for an added flare. Going casual doesn’t mean you need to wear jeans and a loose tee or graphic tee, it just means you are in more everyday clothing! Typically women will wear sweaters, cardigans, or their favorite top with their favorite distressed jeans. Men often wear plain, casual tops or sweaters with jeans and boots. Don’t let them wear sneakers just because it’s a casual outfit!

However, some locations do make this outfit change harder or impossible. If we shoot at a location like this, I will always opt for the flow-y dress or skirt and nice clothes for the entire session (but that is up to my couples!)

Eric and Logan  010.jpg

Now to wrap all this up, here are some tips to look & feel your best!

Tip #1: If you do not feel skilled at doing your hair or makeup, consider getting your hair and makeup professionally styled! This can make a world of difference because pro’s know how to make you look your best AND you will feel 110% confident!

Tip #2: Oh pleease, please make sure your nails are in good condition! Sometimes our hands are an after thought when we are so focused on our clothes, hair, and makeup. But we are going to want to flaunt that ring on your finger, and nobody wants to look at chipped polish or super uneven nails. This will bother you later on even if it doesn’t bother you in the moment.

Tip #3: Check out my Pinterest board FULL of outfit ideas, right HERE!

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