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The Best of 2016

As I'm diving into 2017 as a full time photographer (so blessed,) I felt a huge desire to bring all of my personal favorite photos from 2016 together. In a sense, this is an ode to the past year and I am so grateful of how far I have come. I've learned to identify myself as a photographer, even though I held a nearly full time job at a restaurant. It's been hard to come to terms with having such a simple, no education needed job while pursuing the career I went to college for. 

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Bridal Portraits in the old Belmont Estate Manor

One of my closest friends, Bree, asked me if I could come along to her bridal portrait session and work along her now father in law in taking her photos. He is a film photographer to his core and when he went to buy film for the session, he found he could no longer buy it from the same place. 

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