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Kaitlin + Nathan's Engagement Session by the Lake

I first met Kaitlin way back in our first semester of college! (WOW, we were just babies then) Since then, we never had a class together again until our final semester of college. She told me that semester that she believed her and her boyfriend would get married, and sure enough a few months later they were engaged! Pretty soon after their announcement she asked me to be their wedding photographer (swoon!)

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My Sister, Makenna at the Corn Field

My little sister (by little I mean only 5 years younger,) was home for Fall Break last weekend. It's her first year away in college! Which, by the way, I cannot believe she is just entering college only half a year after me graduating. It's hard to believe I'm done with college and now she's done with high school. Anyways, I asked her if she wanted to go take pictures while she was here, and of course she accepted.

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